We at Colorado Springs Dodge, located in Colorado Springs, are super hyped about the Ram 2500 towing capacity. This absolute beast of a machine can get jobs done and do them well. We know how important it is for Fountain and Peyton residents to find a truck that can crush the competition, and that’s why we couldn't possibly gas up the Ram 2500 more.

Towing Like A Workhorse

That’s right, this bad boy can do it all. And by "do " we mean tow. The Ram 2500 boasts well over 19,000 pounds of towing capacity depending on how you equip this beast. And to help you enjoy those capabilities, Ram also offers several great features. Auto level rear air suspension will adjust to shifting loads, allowing you to maintain total control in questionable situations. In addition, the Ram 2500 is built with a high strength steel frame made of lightweight aluminum. This allows you to tow more and weigh less.

Another incredible feature That the Ram 2500 boasts is upgraded towing hardware. Need to reach that 19,780-towing capacity? That’s no problem with the factory installed rear axle structural crossmember. This piece comes in the "Fifth Wheel/Gooseneck Prep Package and will allow you to take advantage of that towering capacity. Ram is best in class for a reason.

Fort Carson and Pueblo people know what's good for them. That’s why they come to Colorado Springs dodge to check out the absolute animal that is the Ram 2500. With crazy towing capacity and a payload that truly outdoes its competitors, you'll be able to get much more done in much less time. We welcome you to come in for a test drive of this excellent vehicle, and we know once you check it out you won't have eyes for anyone else.

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