Obviously a brand-new truck is the way to go, taking care of your hard work and travels for years to come. But trucks command high prices, and with the Ram pickups you'll find here in Colorado Springs, that's only reflective of the amazing quality and the high-end level of craftsmanship that goes into each and every model. If you're looking to spend a little less, but still want to find a rig that can tow and haul impressive loads, consider these used Ram 2500 pickup trucks we have here in Colorado Springs. Take a moment to visit our Ram truck dealership from Fountain or Fort Carson today to get started.

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Though our used car lineup is constantly rotating, you'll always find several premium used Ram 2500 models when you visit us from Peyton or Pueblo, CO. We regularly find and refurbish like-new used trucks, giving you options for a Ram 2500 with low mileage and less wear and tear than older pickups will obviously have. Though we do occasionally feature some older trucks, bearing the now-classic Dodge Ram monikers when both those brands were under the same name. When it comes down to it, you'll find a V-6 or V-8 setup, dynamic 4x4 capabilities, and max tow ratings around 17,000 pounds with payloads maxing out around 2,100 pounds for the Ram 2500 you'll be interested in.

With a variety of used Ram 2500 trucks, you can discover different cab styles and bed sizes. Many of these used trucks have also been outfitted with Ram's special option packages, some for towing, others for off-roading, technology or convenience. We'll always ask what your exact needs are in your next truck, as well as what kinds of amenities and features are important to have with you. Using that information, as well as an understanding of your budget, we'll find you the perfect used Ram 2500 here in Colorado Springs.

See what makes Colorado Springs Dodge the place to shop for a used Ram 2500 by coming over today, and we'll gladly get you going on the pickup that works for you.

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